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Thanks for visiting. Below you can read "my why" for endorsing Shaklee and becoming a business owner sharing products designed for health. I am grateful for this company and for taking this leap of faith - on not going back into the corporate world after starting our family. The drafting table got folded up and traded in for sharing the opportunity on providing a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone.


I was introduced and given the opportunity to work in a field where I can make a difference in my life and at the same time every life I touch. For me, it’s been totally rewarding on so many levels. 


Welcome to 2013! The world of online presence. Sending newsletters and hosting online webinars has been so helpful connecting to people near and far in our global business. 

What I like most is hosting in-home events promoting products that address prevention-an industry where the need is great. We provide guidance, advice and education on safe product choices for personal and environmental health and train & coach individuals looking for corporate business freedom. Whether it’s part-time or full-time income, we offer the opportunity to make a difference in the world doing what we do - what we refer to as “Doing Well by Doing Good”. Use products proven to create a healthier life and promote them to enjoy the benefits of living a better life. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make a difference in your life, your home and in your world - you’ve come to the right place, at the right time!


A Bit More for the Curious: It's pretty obvious from our pictures above that my daughter is happy about me starting this great turn-key home based business! October 2012 we enjoyed one of the many delights - a fully paid, all-inclusive trip to the Mayan Riviera for 6 glorious days! She had me zip-lining, repelling and swimming with dolphins! She's twice as happy now knowing that my business can be passed down to whoever I choose!  Shaklee is a generational business opportunity.

My Story - Not long after having children is really when I started thinking more about things we were doing on a daily basis by habit. I had been diagnosed with a health condition and thought it was the perfect time to learn more about natural approaches to staying healthy. That, combined with me wanting to avoid having to rely on prescription medicines over my lifetime, it just made sense to pursue learning more about healthcare options. In my journey of investigating I ended up at Shaklee’s doorstep. I’ve been a product user for over 20 years, and while I’ve had a few health challenges along the way, my life is much better thanks to all that I've incorporated into it.

I give “Thanks” to my mom, she has always supported and encouraged me to do the things I believed in. It hasn’t always been easy, especially when the media and healthcare industry have downplayed the connection between optimal health and nutrition and the lack of responsible reporting on the use of toxic chemicals being used in our homes and on our bodies. While many people have turned to Shaklee because of their Environmental Leadership and Scientific Innovation, many others enjoy the ability to save money on healthy products that address prevention - ones that have been shown through clinical studies and endless testimonials to make a difference. What I really like being able to share is that all of the  Shaklee products come with a 100% guarantee for quality, purity and safety.

Maybe you're thinking about a change and/or getting more serious about your plan B or even A! Having a home based business that's at the center of 5 of the fastest growing industries, dealing with prevention and lifestyle is a great place to be today and in the future. Promote healthy products and live a better life. Whether it’s saving money, earning free healthy products, or becoming an Independent Distributor for the # 1 Natural Nutrition Company in America - you can’t go wrong becoming an Independent Business Owner with Shaklee.

There are no age, social or income boundaries for making a difference in peoples lives. 

Our Mission:

"We provide a Healthier Life for Everyone and a Better Life for Anyone"

Medical Professionals from across the nation are speaking out, sharing the Shaklee difference, because of the health benefits they have seen with their patients. Providers want the added security of recommending products backed with peer-reviewed published studies in journals like JAMA - Shaklee has over 90! Shaklee has created a Website for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals as a resource to learn more about our company, products, science, philosophy and opportunity. 

Browse around and give me a call. 



Thanks again for visiting.  I’m a phone call or click away!



Mary L. Vetter

Shaklee Independent Distributor ~ ID# JA45504

Certified Practical Nutrition Advisor

Healthy Living & Business Development Coach


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